In the aftermath of the loss of beloved community members, we wanted to share some resources.

For those of you grieving, we’re with you. If you are hurting, reach out and talk to a friend. If you think someone in your life is struggling, check in with them. Family, friends, and community are everything. 

Even if you didn’t directly know someone involved in a serious accident, these stories might still hit hard. That’s okay. In these moments, we are reminded we must take care of one another. Below are a few resources: 

These organizations provide helpful resources in the aftermath of the unthinkable happening – and even grant money if you’re in need.

Lean on your community, honor those who have passed, and take care of yourselves.

With care and concern,
The NWAC Team

“Matt’s curiosity and passion for snow and avalanches was unmatched. You could see the excitement on his face and hear it in his voice when the snow fell in the mountains. It was contagious and inspiring. His career in the snow touched so many people, whether they knew it or not; guiding clients, keeping roadways open, and providing our community with avalanche forecasts.

He was so incredibly humble and kind. Matt never flouted his lengthy resume or expertise but rather listened intently, spoke softy, and gave generously. He was everything you could ever dream of in a friend, adventure partner, and coworker.”

     – Dallas Glass, NWAC Deputy Director

Matt Primomo was a colleague, mentor, and friend to everyone at NWAC and to so many others in the outdoor community. Matt became a member of the NWAC family in 2017, and touched numerous lives throughout his work as an avalanche professional in Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Chile.

Matt was a brilliant mountain guide, avalanche forecaster, and educator. His passion and expertise inspired a myriad of people, from fellow forecasters to new-found friends at the trailhead. We know that many of you have read Matt’s forecasts, listened to him speak at a workshop, taken a course with him, or perhaps shared adventures in the mountains with him.

Words cannot describe how much we will miss Matt and how grateful we are to have known him. Our thoughts and hearts are with Matt’s loved ones.

If you would like to show your support for Matt’s family, please consider visiting the GoFundMe page.