Laying Tracks

Join Northwest Avalanche Center’s staff and learn the fundamentals around travel in the wintertime backcountry. Each workshop focuses on a skill that helps you build a travel plan and understand your resources for traveling in avalanche terrain. Workshops are dynamic and interactive, providing opportunities to ask all your questions of the professionals at NWAC.

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Dates: Every other Thursday from Jan 6 – Feb 17, 2022

Cost: $15 for NWAC members, $25 for non-members

Member Webinars

These workshops are designed to help you hone the skills you have already developed through previous avalanche education and experience in the field. Each workshop with NWAC forecasters and professional partners will give you an inside look into how you can get the most out of our products and what resources you can be utilizing to travel more safely in the backcountry. Sessions are designed to be small, interactive experiences, with NWAC staff to get the latest in snow and avalanche research and updates at from your local avalanche center.

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Member Webinars will not be running for the 2021/22 season. Please check back next year!

The Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop

Join the Northwest Avalanche Center for the fifteenth annual Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop (NSAW). NSAW is the region’s largest gathering of snow and avalanche professionals and backcountry recreationists who work and travel in avalanche terrain. 

NSAW covers topics on recent scientific research, technical innovations, avalanche safety, and mountain experience. Talks will range from scholarly research to every day application; all attendees, regardless of experience, will walk away with new  tools for the backcountry. 

Dates: NSAW concluded in October, 2021 but you can still purchase a ticket to get access to all of the recordings from this year.

Cost: $25 for NWAC members, $40 for non-members