2023/24 Application

Application Deadline: Saturday, September 30, 2023

Position Description

Intern Observers are motivated individuals seeking careers in the snow and avalanche industry with a desire and focus on becoming public avalanche forecasters. This program is designed for those new or very early in their avalanche careers

Intern observers will have the opportunity to engage with all three of NWAC’s primary tenants: Forecasts, Education, and Outreach as they gain experience in public avalanche forecasting. This is a one-year commitment that may be renewed for a second season.

Commitment and Responsibilities

  • One pre-season training session
  • One field observation per week
    • 12 total observations over the course of the 18-week season
  • One field day per month with local NWAC forecasters
  • Teach three Avalanche Awareness Courses (virtual or in-person)
  • Staff at least one Trailhead Outreach and/or Snowmobile Club Ride


The Intern Observer Program will run from early to mid-December through mid-April, snow conditions depending, encompassing the entire length of the NWAC forecast season. This is a one-year commitment that may be renewed for a second season.


NWAC has 10 forecast zones. Applicants should select only forecast zones where they are willing to work. Please help us with the application process by ONLY selecting zones where you can reliably perform fieldwork on a weekly basis. Interns will be chosen based on the individual’s qualifications, not the forecast zone(s). However, only one Intern Observer will be selected per region. 


Intern observers are contract workers and will be required to fill out a W-9 upon employment. Intern observers are compensated as follows:

  • $150 per observation day
  • $200 per Trailhead Outreach or Snowmobile Club Ride
  • $100 per virtual Avalanche Awareness Course / $150 per in-person Avalanche Awareness Course


Required Experience and Credentials

  • Ability to travel safely in backcountry terrain
  • Desire to work professionally within the snow and avalanche industry
  • Rec Level 2 and/or Pro 1 Courses (or equivalent)

How to Apply

For the 2023/24 Season NWAC will be selecting up to three Intern Observers. Selections will be announced in early November. Questions can be directed to Dallas Glass, dallas.glass@nwac.us

Application Deadline: Saturday, September 30, 2023

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