Avalanche and weather forecasts for the Northwest and Sawtooth Avalanche Centers

The Northwest Avalanche Center developed the Avy app to support wintertime mountain recreation with streamlined avalanche and weather information from avalanche centers across the U.S. In winter 2023/24, the app offers access to the Northwest Avalanche Center and the Sawtooth Avalanche Center with planned expansion in subsequent years.

Avy is designed to create a seamless experience for mobile users. With core information organized by zones, accessing trip-planning products has never been easier. Your observations in the backcountry are critical for our forecasters. The app’s offline caching capabilities now allow you to submit observations without connectivity and will automatically upload once you are in service. The weather data accessibility through Avy app helps everyone anticipate mountain weather conditions. You can easily choose your station from 52 across Washington and Northern Oregon, including data from all WA ski areas.