We Need Your Continued Support

Our ability to grow and improve NWAC’s products is a direct result of support from the Mountain Ghosts each year. Thanks to your fundraising efforts at the Mountain Ghosts event this past fall we were able to devote internal staff time, hire developers and designers, and ultimately create a beta version of the app. As promised, you all are the first people we’re asking to help test it out.

Though we are excited about where we are in the process, and we hope you’re getting some use out of the app, the project is not complete. Summertime plans include: fixing bugs, building out the menu functionality, allowing you to view observations you submitted, and the first steps in some exciting new features (more details to come!)

In the first week of May, we will be asking the wider NWAC community to support this project, and we know that a match pool significantly drives our chances at a successful fund drive. We have big plans for next season, and planning is well underway, but we need your help to ensure we have the funds to execute.

How to get the NWAC App

The NWAC App is ready for you to use! Keep in mind the Mountain Ghosts are part of an early stage of testers that have access to the app. We won’t be sharing the app with the public until Fall 2023. To get the app follow the steps below. We will email you the information to access the app once those steps are complete.

  1. Fill out this survey
  2. Fill out this waiver
  3. Enjoy the app and give us feedback!

This is a beta version of the app and we need your feedback to help us improve it. Below are a few ways you can provide us your feedback: